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Nature Inspired Wisdom


Rituals of Renewal 

for Stress & Anxiety Relief

for the sensitive, wild souls of the world . . .

the introverts

the artists

the activists

the makers

the seekers

 the dreamers

all of the nature lovers

  Let us rest, play, learn, notice, breathe,

create, slow waaay down, take care of

ourselves, the wild world, and one another.

Our Four Paths of Wisdom

reWilding for Stress & Anxiety Relief: nourish your relationship with the kingdom of plants, trees, the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars and the animals to supercharge your resilience against chronic stress & anxiety (and also experience moments of pure bliss, wonder and interconnectedness of all living things)
A Wildly 
Healthy Home: reduce toxic exposures and invite  nature indoors to create a healthy, calming home environment

Nutrient-Rich Whole Food Nutrition: nourish your mind & body at a cellular level with health-promoting whole foods, science based functional medicine principles, and mindful eating

Seasonal Cycles & Restorative Sleep: tune into the rhythms of nature seasonally, monthly and nightly to enjoy deeper rest, avoid burnout, and recharge your creativity 

Every step brings you closer to (your true) nature.

Our Commitments

  • we will intentionally choose to listen to and honor the wisdom of nature (and our bodies) even when our culture demands we do the opposite

  • we will take inspired action each day along the four paths of wild wisdom to restore and maintain wellness in our mind, body, and spirit

What is reWilding?

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where humans lived  with reciprocity and reverence for the natural world, instead of in a state of disconnection from and dominance over.


reWilding is a way to describe the intentional choice to abandon harmful ways of living in favor of thoughts and actions that restore our relationship with nature and foster greater reciprocity and reverence for Mother Earth once again.


This is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor. It does not require perfection, so just begin where you are and let your instincts lead the way.


Live Workshops &
Online Courses 
Meditating on the Beach

Register for an upcoming live workshop or self-guided online course to dive deeper into the Rituals of Renewal

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Nutrition + Nature
1:1 Wellness Sessions 
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Looking for 1:1 guidance on living a more wild, mindful and healthful lifestyle? Let's walk together for awhile. . .

Flower Field

** Give Back Pledge **

A portion of all profits from Dear Wild Ones will be donated to the climate warriors
The All We Can Save Project

Visit their website and read this essential book to learn more!

"All We Can Save is an anthology of writings by 60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward."

New Blog Posts

Change Happens One Choice at a Time

The reality is, for decades, our culture has been creating strong and opposing forces against our collective health and wellbeing and it is very common now to be experiencing:

  • chronic physical symptoms that prevent you from loving your life​
  • unrelenting stress, anxiety, depression, or overwhelm​
  • exhaustion, restless sleep, or insomnia
  • feelings of (dis)connection, loneliness, isolation
  • constant grief over the climate crisis or avoidance

We all have the power to abandon harmful ways of thinking, being and living in favor of choices that support greater wellness for people and the planet.

Every act of rest, community building, self-care, stewardship of the land, buying local, social activism, and communion with nature is an act of resistance against the machine of an unhealthy culture.

Mountain Stream

 Can you hear

the call of the wild ?  

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