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Rituals of Renewal

Online Course

Nature-Inspired Rituals


Stress & Anxiety Relief

This is your invitation . . .

to a soul-nourishing relationship 

with the natural world for stress and anxiety relief, creative self-expression, intuitive guidance, and a healthier body and mind. 

You'll explore fun, practical, and restorative rituals

through calming audios, imagery, and step by step downloadable instructions.

Benefits of this Self-Guided Course:

  • stress and anxiety relief

  • deepen your mindful awareness

  • explore your creativity in new & nourishing ways

  • experience more restful sleep 

  • lower chronic inflammation for better health

  • connect to your wonder for the wild world

  • receive and experience  guidance from nature

  • add more tools to your self-care toolbox

Course Content

7 Lessons

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