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 New here?

Welcome! This guide is for you.

First, I'm so happy you're here and I hope you find something that serves you on the path to more peace & wellbeing.


What you'll find here: nature-inspired wisdom and rituals along with science-based, functional medicine principles for restoring and maintaining your health and easing stress and anxiety.


Who is it for? Fellow introverts, artists, activists, makers, seekers, dreamers, and nature lovers. May you experience belonging and connection wherever you go, but especially here.

Why our relationship to nature matters: the wild world is one of the most effective and abundant resources we have for restoring our sense of peace, connection, and mind.body health and wellbeing.

The Four Paths of Wisdom We Explore Here 


  1. reWilding for Stress & Anxiety Relief

  2. A Wildly Healthy Home

  3. Nutrient-Rich Whole Food Nutrition

  4. Seasonal Cycles & Restorative Sleep


What is reWilding? There was a time in our not-so-distant past, where humans lived with reciprocity and reverence for the natural world, instead of how we live now . . . in a state of disconnection from and dominance over nature that is causing harm to ourselves and the planet.


reWilding is a way to describe the intentional choice to abandon harmful ways of living in favor of thoughts and actions that restore our relationship with nature and foster greater reciprocity and reverence for Mother Earth to begin to heal ourselves and the planet. This is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor. It does not require perfection, so just begin where you are and let your instincts lead the way.

What are the signs and symptoms that we need to reNew and reWild? It is very common in our culture to experience the following signs and symptoms because the reality is, for decades, our cultural norms have been creating strong and opposing forces against our collective health and wellbeing.

  • chronic physical symptoms that prevent you from loving your life​
  • unrelenting stress, anxiety, depression, or overwhelm​
  • exhaustion, restless sleep, or insomnia
  • feelings of (dis)connection, loneliness, isolation
  • constant grief over the climate crisis or avoidance

What benefits can you expect from subscribing to this community, attending a workshop, exploring the online course, or booking a nutrition + nature wellness support session?
  • stress and anxiety relief 
  • deepening your mindful awareness
  • exploring your creativity in new & nourishing ways
  • experiencing more restful sleep
  • lowering chronic inflammation for better health
  • reconnecting to your wonder for the wild world
  • receiving and experiencing guidance from nature
  • adding more tools to your self-love toolbox
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 Can you hear

the call of the wild ?  

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